Homebound for contractors

Joining the Homebound network of contractors has a variety of benefits for you and your team. Read on to learn more about what to expect when working with Homebound.


1. Stream of inbound LeADS

Homebound provides new home leads in the Santa Rosa/Napa region of California - an area that has been hit the heaviest by the Firestorm. 

2. High Volume of Project Work

The high volume of work allows for any licensed and vetted contractor to capture efficiencies enabled by location-concentrated projects.

3. Financial Services

We offer financial solutions to diminish financial strain caused by up-front, out-of-pocket contractor financing. We shift the risk from contract to Homebound.

4. Relocation is covered

Homebound covers the logistics of relocating to the Santa Rosa/Napa region, including transportation, temporary housing, and housing site management.



1. Partnership Agreement

Interested parties sign initial partnership agreement which unlocks information needed to conduct contractor vetting process.

2. Vetting

Contractors are vetted through assessment of prior work, reviews from previous clients, and change order and dispute history, and are admitted to GC network following approval.

3. Samples of Work

Homebound collects samples of portfolio work from contractors to market them on the platform and recommend to prospective clients.

4. Homeowner MAtching

Contractors are filtered by homeowner needs and are matched accordingly.

5. Final Selection

Homeowner interviews contractors identified as "best-fit" options and ultimately selects a contractor to build their home.

Contractor Registration

Joining the Homebound network of contractors and make a difference in the lives of those affected by natural disaster today.

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