Debris Removal After a Wildfire

What you need to know to get your property ready for building


the first steps towards rebuilding your home after a wildfire

Removing debris from your lot is one of the first steps towards rebuilding your home after a wildfire. Typically your insurance policy will include coverage for the debris removal process. There are many details to think about when deciding if you will use public or private debris removal services, and this is where Homebound can help.

We are here for you through the entire debris removal process, which includes assessing your lot, deciding on public or private debris removal, and managing the process for you. Schedule a free consultation now to talk through your options and we’ll help you decide what is best for your situation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Debris Removal


When does debris removal happen?

Hazardous waste removal happens as soon as it is safe, immediately following a natural disaster. General debris removal usually begins a few months after the disaster.

Who does the debris removal?

There is a public debris removal effort coordinated by local government and there are also private options available.

How much will my insurance pay for debris removal?

Typically 5-10% of the total policy max is dedicated to debris removal. If you choose public debris removal, they will take the maximum payout from your insurance company. If the cost of the removal exceeds that amount, they will go back to the insurance company to settle the difference.

What specifically happens during debris removal?

All waste left from the wildfire will be removed from the lot. This may include, but is not limited to, burned structures, retaining walls, foundation, dirt, and plant matter.

Should I opt-in to public debris removal?

In Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, the deadline to opt-in to public debris removal is December 31, 2018. You have until January 7, 2019 to opt-out, so if you need more time to decide you should opt-in for now.

Why do some people choose private debris removal services?

There are a few reasons why people may opt-out of public debris removal. Some people have portions of their lot that they do not want removed, such as retaining walls or outbuildings, so they go with a private service that they can work with closely on details and timeline. However, some people have large, complex lots with a lot of debris, and the cost to remove it privately would be prohibitive, so they opt-in to public removal. Ultimately each situation is unique, and Homebound can help you decide what is right for you.


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