Our Mission

Home is more than a house - it sits at the center of our lives providing comfort, security, and warmth. We recognize the path to realizing a dream home involves effort, challenge, and time, especially in the wake of a major natural disaster. 

We are here as your advocate.

Our mission is deliver a reimagined homebuilding experience with the intention of removing those burdens. At our core, we believe every person is entitled to a beautiful place to call home with a delightful path to getting there - a pathway homebound.

Homebound Problem

The Problem Is...

Most of the homebuilding industry operates in a regionalized, isolated way preventing flow of supply.

When a natural disaster causes a surge in demand, there is no increase in supply of contractors to match it.

The lack of additional supply causes price hikes and extended timelines among local builders.

Homebound Solution

The Homebound Solution

Homebound has a network of qualified contractors to fulfill extra demand from natural disasters.

We professionally vet our contractors, and save homeowners time and cost by completing projects below market cost on expedited timelines.

We also provide end-to-end homeowner support through our concierge service, removing common hassles experienced by homeowners managing a build process.


Our Process

We meet with the homeowner to understand specifics of the home they wish to build, and filter internal contractors to propose a short-list of best options to the homeowner.

The homeowner selects their preferred contractor, and the build process begins.

The homeowner is then guided and supported through the build process by our personalized concierge service.

We share in the delight of moving you in to your brand-new dream home.

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